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Silagepacker – Stego

For an optimum silage compaction Holaras comes next to the silage spreader, maizeleveler and the silagefork with the Silagepacker type Stego.
The machine is available in working widths of 200, 285, 400 or 485 cm and can be expanded with various options such as extra ballast weights, side shift adjustment and electro-/hydraulic control.

Stego PRO – Heavy/stable version for professional use. Several options possible


  • PRO version
  • Optimum silage compaction
  • For Grass- and Maissilage
  • Working widths 200, 285 or 485 cm
  • Threepoint / Front coupling
  • Variable weight adjustment. For example roller
    can be filled with water or sand


  • Sideshift adjustment 50 cm links/rechts
  • Ballast weights (300 kg each)
  • Lightning (LED)
  • Stego 400 & 485 PRO:
    Hydr. foldable siderollers
    (2×100 cm, 2×185 l, 1200 kg)


Technical specifications

Type Stego 200-PRO Stego 285-PRO Stego 400-PRO Stego 485-PRO
Coupling threepoint, cat II threepoint, cat II threepoint, cat II threepoint, cat II
Weight approx. 1205 kg approx. 1465 kg approx. 2700 kg approx. 2700 kg
Working width 200 cm 285 cm 400 cm 485 cm
Dimensions lxwxh 149x188x130 cm 149x270x130 cm 149x260x230 cm 149x282x220 cm
Roller volume (L) 470 l 735 l 850 l 1250 l
Number of rings 9 12 19 22
Ring diameter Ø 90 cm Ø 90 cm Ø 90 cm Ø 90 cm
Required hydraulic cap. 40 l/min, 180 bar 40 l/min, 180 bar 40 l/min, 180 bar 40 l/min, 180 bar
Sideshift adjustment option option
Ballast weights option option option option
Lights option option option option
Towbar standard standard standard standard
Hydr. foldable siderollers standard standard

Technical data are indicative only. We reserve the right to make changes at all times and without advance notification.

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