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Welcome at Holaras

Holaras is a registered trademark of Hoopman Machines B.V.

Since 1911 Hoopman Machines B.V. from Aalten-Holland is a reliable supplier to thefarming world.

Starting off as a local blacksmith, currently we are a specialist in four specific agricultural niche markets; on farm silage handling for dairy/beef operations, onion field toppers, windrowers and post-harvest toppers, brooms for street and airport cleaning and equipment & technology for seed enhancement.
The seed related activities run as a separate business unit Hoopman equipment & engineering b.v.

In all mentioned fields Hoopman supplies a package of standard Holaras equipment but also has a wide range of options available. Over the years Hoopman Machines B.V. has built up a reputation for reliable equipment and supply and a leader in innovation.


-Holaras- time tested quality! 


Pricelist 2020

Holaras introduces UM 300 H haulm topper

Haulm topping is used for various reasons in the cultivation of onions, radishes and other vegetable crops. Amongst others:

  • It provides great labor savings when harvesting
  • It is important for optimal sorting
  • It prevents virus infections
  • It’s easier to unload the storage before delivery

Hoopman Machines develops and produces machines for i.a. the arable- and livestock farming sector and continues to innovate to help entrepreneurs optimize their business operations.

In addition to the haulm topper type UM 300 F (F = Front), Holaras is now introducing type UM 300 H (H = Heck). This haulm topper can be used at the rear of the tractor attached to the three-point hitch. This gives the advantage that lighter tractors can also be used. Four hydraulically adjustable wheels ensure better weight distribution and possible application for cultivation on ridges.


  • Equipped with four wheels, hydraulically adjustable
  • Option of automatic height adjustment possible
  • Wheels are also mechanically height adjustable for use in cultivation on ridges.
  • Solid driving mechanism through combination of gearboxes and V-belts.
  • Solid driving mechanism through combination of gearboxes and V-belts.

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