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Welcome at Holaras

Holaras is a registered trademark of Hoopman Machines B.V.

Since 1911 Hoopman Machines B.V. from Aalten-Holland is a reliable supplier to thefarming world.

Starting off as a local blacksmith, currently we are a specialist in four specific agricultural niche markets; on farm silage handling for dairy/beef operations, onion field toppers, windrowers and post-harvest toppers, brooms for street and airport cleaning and equipment & technology for seed enhancement.
The seed related activities run as a separate business unit Hoopman equipment & engineering b.v.

In all mentioned fields Hoopman supplies a package of standard Holaras equipment but also has a wide range of options available. Over the years Hoopman Machines B.V. has built up a reputation for reliable equipment and supply and a leader in innovation.


-Holaras- time tested quality! 


Secure unloading silos with the Holaras Silage Scraper – Tiger!

Holaras introduces 2 meter version at Agritechnica

Extremely high maize silos are made for biogas plants. Silos up to 12 meters are no exception. The silos in the dairy farming sector are also getting bigger and higher.
The danger of unloading silos from below is that the top layer of the silo wall collapses and falls on the falling out vehicle, or humans.

Holaras supplies the Silage Scraper type Tigerfor safe unloading. The silage scraper comes as an extension to the boom of the shovel or telehandler, or to the tractor with front loader, to pull the upper part down. The corn can then be scooped safely at the bottom.

In addition to the silage scraper with a length of 4 meters, Holaras is introducing the silage scraper with a length of 2 meters at Agritechnica. Handy and safe when unloading slightly less high silos.

Jeroen te Lindert, representative at Hoopman Machines: “Like the 4 meter version, the 2 meter silage scraper will be available in different widths (180, 230 and 300 cm). With the introduction of this shorter silage scraper, Hoopman Machines hopes to help dairy farmers unloading silos as well as biogas farmers.”


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