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Holaras price list 2022

12 January 2022

Hoopman Machines has been a family business for 110 years now and we have one important goal: To develop innovative and value-adding machines for and with you. Providing reliable solutions, quality products and specialist service is in our company DNA. Over the past year, our innovative strength has once again led to new developments for our machines. Our price list will give you a complete overview of our machines.

Digital price list 2022
You can request our new 2022 price list here. For more information on our machines, please click on the bottom of the pages in the digital document. Do you have any questions? Please contact us or your dealer.

Beet cutter BB1250 / BB2500: No less than four operations in one pass!

10 January 2022

Because fodder beet is one of the most energy-rich foods for dairy cattle, it is increasingly being (re)discovered by dairy farmers. Fodder beet has a high yield, is tasty, ensures good rumen fermentation and provides a higher milk fat content.

Properly cleaning and cutting the fodder beet contributes to its palatability and, consequently, to a better absorption by the cows. The Holaras Beet cutter is the ideal solution for the silage of cut beets with maize. In addition, the beet cutters are also very suitable for filling a biogas plant with finely chopped beetroot. 

The specially developed cutting roller at the bottom ensures that the beet is cut correctly and distributed evenly. The advantage of cutting is that the structure of the beet remains intact as much as possible and it requires little power.

These extremely solid and robustly built beet cutters are compatible with the tractor’s link system, shovel or front loader attachment. In one pass, it is possible to load, transport, cut and dose the beet into a biogas plant or the silage.

Click here for the technical specifications.

Work quickly and efficiently with a Holaras silage spreader!

10 January 2022

Watch our new video and see how the Holaras silage spreaders process large quantities of silage intensively and evenly in one pass. Proper silage is important for its nutritional value. Holaras silage spreaders and silage packers are an indispensable aid for many dairy farmers.

The silage spreader is available in two different types: the Jumbo and the Viking. Various options are possible for each type. Three robust gearboxes drive the two rotors. The side covers can be folded up and extended, making it possible to work with driving pits of approx. 6 metres. All types are equipped with depth plates.

The silage spreader type Jumbo can be hydraulically swivelled. By ‘swivelling’ the machine, it is possible to drive with the tractor wheels close to the silo walls.

The silage spreader type Viking is very strong and robust with a weight of approx. 2250 kg and is especially suitable for tractors from 180 HP.

Click here for the technical specifications.

Watch our new video below:


Limited accessibility around the holidays.

17 December 2021

Due to the holidays, our factory will be closed from the 23th of December to January 2nd. Do you have a question during this period? Our specialists work with limited staff, but are happy to help you. Would you like to order a part? You can do so by e-mailing Please note that the response and delivery times are a little longer than usual.

We would like to thank you for your cooperation and trust in the past year.

The Holaras team wishes you happy holidays and a successful and healthy 2022!

Holaras colouring page action

28 October 2021

Especially for our little Holaras fans, we have a colouring page with a win action!

Download the colouring page here: Click on this link

Click on the link above to download the colouring page

Directly available from stock: Stego

6 July 2021

Effective compaction of grass and maize silage? With the Stego silagepacker you reach the maximum capacity. We have a limited number of the Stego 200, 400 and 485 in stock. Available for immediate delivery!


Win a unique puzzle!

28 May 2021

The silage season has begun. This brings us beautiful action photos. Your own picture as a puzzle for hours of puzzle fun? It’s possible!


Planning Ascension Day and Pentecost

11 May 2021

We would like to inform you that we will be closed for a number of days due to the upcoming holidays.

We will be closed on Ascension Day on 13 May, 14 May and on Pentecost on 24 May.

We wish everyone a happy Ascension Day and Pentecost weekend!

Order in time and avoid long delivery times in the high season

30 April 2021

With the busy production season approaching, we recommend you to order your parts in time. During the high season, the delivery time of spare parts may be longer.


More innovative, safer and more efficient: the Holaras onion topper AS-15 and AS-25

6 April 2021

Hoopman Machines is pleased to introduce two overhauled Holaras onion topping machines – the AS-15 and AS-25 blade toppers. Specially designed for efficient and damage-free topping of onions and flower bulbs. Unique to this refreshed line are the new vibration technology, ergonomic operation thanks to the addition of a large roof hatch, more lightweight screens and the ability to quickly replace the robust screens and blades (short start-up time).

Holaras onion topping machine AS-15