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Holaras introduces the type M.E.S. 300-H-115 Maize Leveller

14 July 2020

Compact, light and manoeuvrable

Distributing and compacting the maize can be a delaying factor during harvest. The maize forage harvester (or “shredder train”) is developing rapidly, and the hourly capacity is increasing enormously.

Hoopman Machines develops and produces machines for applications in many fields, including the livestock and arable farming sector and the firm continues to work on innovations that help entrepreneurs optimize their business operations.


Holaras introduces UM 300 H haulm topper

26 June 2020

Haulm topping is used for various reasons in the cultivation of onions, radishes and other vegetable crops. Amongst others:

  • It provides great labor savings when harvesting
  • It is important for optimal sorting
  • It prevents virus infections
  • It’s easier to unload the storage before delivery

Hoopman Machines develops and produces machines for i.a. the arable- and livestock farming sector and continues to innovate to help entrepreneurs optimize their business operations.

In addition to the haulm topper type UM 300 F (F = Front), Holaras is now introducing type UM 300 H (H = Heck). This haulm topper can be used at the rear of the tractor attached to the three-point hitch. This gives the advantage that lighter tractors can also be used. Four hydraulically adjustable wheels ensure better weight distribution and possible application for cultivation on ridges.


  • Equipped with four wheels, hydraulically adjustable
  • Option of automatic height adjustment possible
  • Wheels are also mechanically height adjustable for use in cultivation on ridges.
  • Solid driving mechanism through combination of gearboxes and V-belts.
  • Solid driving mechanism through combination of gearboxes and V-belts.

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Win a surprise package with a photo of your top silo!

4 May 2020

The silaging season has arrived!

Hoopman Machines delivers a complete package for making top quality silage and gives you tips for a top silo!

Do you have a top silo?
Please send a photo of your top silo and win a Holaras surprise package!

Last year we were happy to receive lots of nice photos. Please take a look at the photo collage.

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Holaras potato knife for ration feeders

4 May 2020

Beetcutter also popular amongst cattlefarmers for cutting potatoes

Many potatoes are currently distributed to cattle farmers to be used as animal feed. They can be fed directly, but can also be ensiled with grass. In addition to the advice to make the grass slightly drier, due to the moisture released from the potatoes, it is also recommended to cut the potatoes first, to prevent cows from suffocating.

Farmers with a Holaras ration feeder can use a potato knife specially manufactured by Holaras, to cut the potatoes (see photo).

Hoopman Machines also notices a rising demand for Holaras beetcutters in the last weeks, to be used for cutting potatoes.

Are you interested in the possibilities for cutting potatoes?

Feel free to send us an email, or request a quote here.

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Holaras is increasing the pressure to ensure top quality silage!

27 March 2020

A Holaras Silagepacker applies seven times more compaction than a tractor or digger!

Optimal silage compaction is essential for proper storage of grass and maize silage. Making good silage is not only important for its palatability, but also for optimal use of roughage feed. In recent years, increasingly high requirements are being made on ensiling, and the silage-making process has improved considerably. The key factor is distribution and compaction over the entire pit.

Top Silage – Complete Package
Holaras delivers a complete package for making top quality silage! In addition to the Silage Spreader, Maize Leveller and the Grass/Silage Fork, Holaras also supplies the Stego Silagepacker for optimum compaction.

Stego Silagepacker
An average tractor or digger applies compaction pressure of about 0.8 kg per cm². This Holaras silage roller applies seven times more pressure per cm² than a tractor or digger!

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Holaras Pricelist 2020

19 February 2020

Over the years Hoopman Machines B.V. has built up a reputation for reliable equipment and supply and a leader in innovation. In the past year, the innovativeness has again led to new machines and extra options, such as:

  • Beetcleaner
  • Onion Haulmtopper-/Windrower 3M
  • Silage scraper 2M

These machines have been added to the Holaras Pricelist 2020. We supply a package of standard Holaras equipment, but also have a wide range of options available.

Contact us for the possibilities, via +31 (0)543 466 224, or our contact form.

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Pricelist 2020

Secure unloading silos with the Holaras Silage Scraper – Tiger!

28 October 2019

Holaras introduces 2 meter version at Agritechnica

Extremely high maize silos are made for biogas plants. Silos up to 12 meters are no exception. The silos in the dairy farming sector are also getting bigger and higher.
The danger of unloading silos from below is that the top layer of the silo wall collapses and falls on the falling out vehicle, or humans.

Holaras supplies the Silage Scraper type Tigerfor safe unloading. The silage scraper comes as an extension to the boom of the shovel or telehandler, or to the tractor with front loader, to pull the upper part down. The corn can then be scooped safely at the bottom.

In addition to the silage scraper with a length of 4 meters, Holaras is introducing the silage scraper with a length of 2 meters at Agritechnica. Handy and safe when unloading slightly less high silos.

Jeroen te Lindert, representative at Hoopman Machines: “Like the 4 meter version, the 2 meter silage scraper will be available in different widths (180, 230 and 300 cm). With the introduction of this shorter silage scraper, Hoopman Machines hopes to help dairy farmers unloading silos as well as biogas farmers.”


More information, photos and videos

Press release new sweeper for mobile cranes

24 September 2019

The range of sweepers offered by Holoras has been expanded further by the addition of a new sweeper for (mobile) cranes. A simple construction allows this narrow sweeper to be easily attached to a mobile crane using a tiltrotator.

Its compact, robust design makes this machine the ideal solution for all sweeping and cleaning in sectors such as infrastructure, paving and landscaping. This versatile machine is easily manoeuvrable allowing vertical and horizontal use at all angles and in all positions. Sloping verges can be swept from street level, and the machine can also sweep and clean permanent sound barriers and walls, facades and solar panels. Other obstacles such as bollards, curb blocks, speed bumps, road gutters etc. can be cleaned with a hard or soft brush.

The advantages summarised:
• Highly manoeuvrable using a tiltrotator
• Poly zig-zag brush rings, 80 cm with maximum load on the ground surface
• Working width 150 cm, in horizontal, vertical and tilted position
• Galvanised model, also suitable for winter use
• Sweeps behind hedges, trees, crash barriers, planted borders, narrow (difficult to access) cycle paths etc.
• Sweeps road gutters, parking bays, bus shelters and covered waiting areas
• Can turn 360 degrees around poles, trees and other raised obstacles
• Attaches to every crane or telehandler

Technical specifications:
Working width : 150 cm
Brush diameter : 80 cm (poly zig-zag brushes)
Hydraulic drive : Oil 50 litres/180 bar
Adjustment : 360 degrees

Press release new oscillating sweeper

24 September 2019

Holaras has expanded its extensive range of sweepers with a small sweeper.
The new oscillating sweeper can operate in all directions adjusted (mechanically) to an angle of 20 degrees. The sweeper closely follows the ground contours for optimal results thanks to two hinged, vertical stabilisation bars. This allows sloping edges, slopes, concave and convex road surfaces, areas close to loading and unloading bays etc. to be swept. Unique solution for waste recycling facilities.
The machine is attached by an adapter plate to trail behind a loader, with mechanical or hydraulic tilt adjustment. As an option, the machine can be equipped with a hydraulically foldable collection bin.

Technical specifications:
Working width : 220 or 270 cm
Brush diameter : 60 cm
Brushes : 52 (poly zig-zag brushes)
Hydraulic drive : Oil min. 50 litres/180 bar
Stabilisation : 2 vertical oscillating bars
Adjustment : Mechanical (standard) / hydraulic (option)

Win a surprise package with a photo of your top maize silo!

4 September 2019

The maizeharvest season has started!

Do you have a top maize silo?

Then take a nice photo, send it in and win a Holaras surprise package!

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