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Auger mixer type Mammoet

7 February 2019

Holaras has enlarged the extended range of slurry mixers with an auger mixer type Mammoet

Mestmixer met vijzel

New to this slurry mixer is its dynamically shaped jack screw which is mounted in a very compact tunnel house and guarantees an optimum thrust and slurry displacement/ flow due to its forced circulation system. The thick fraction is quickly shredded and mixed in the slalom course with the thin fraction. Due to the difference in level, this slurry can no longer flow back.

Like all other Holaras mixers, the auger mixers also have the durable dredging bearings, which have been known since 1960, and which are mounted on the shaft in the tube, depending on the length, at the bottom of the auger or at several points on the shaft. the auger has a diameter of 60 cm and is 40 cm long which guarantees an optimal performance and a long life with a stable construction.
As standard, these mixers are supplied in tube lengths of 4, 5 or 6 meters. Different lengths, as with the regular mixers, are available on request.

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