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Ensure top silage with Holaras silaging machines!

12 March 2021

Optimal silage compaction is essential for proper storage of grass and maize silage. Making good silage is not only important for its palatability, but also for optimal use of roughage feed. The key factor is distribution and compaction over the entire pit.

Hoopman Machines B.V. has over 40 years of experience in the development, production and marketing of Holaras silaging machines and supplies a total package for your top silage. The machines are known for their robustness and reliability.

Holaras silagespreader (Jumbo/Viking)

The Holaras silagespreaders process large quantities of grass silage intensively and evenly. In addition, they allow a quicker distribution in one working pass. During the distribution you can continue to drive the tractor along the middle of the grass silage, avoiding dangerous manoeuvres along the edges and lost time.

Holaras silagepacker Stego

To optimize the compaction of the pit, Holaras developed the Holaras silagepacker Stego. An average tractor or digger applies compaction pressure of about 0.8 kg per cm². This Holaras silage roller applies seven times more pressure per cm² than a tractor or digger! The Stego silagepacker can also be supplied with an edge compactor on 1 or 2 sides for effectively compacting the edges of both grass and corn pits.

Holaras Pricelist 2021

Over the years Hoopman Machines B.V. has built up a reputation for reliable equipment and supply and a leader in innovation. This innovative strength has also led to new machines and extra options last year, that help entrepreneurs to optimize their business operations!