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Holaras introduces UM 300 H haulm topper

26 June 2020

Haulm topping is used for various reasons in the cultivation of onions, radishes and other vegetable crops. Amongst others:

  • It provides great labor savings when harvesting
  • It is important for optimal sorting
  • It prevents virus infections
  • It’s easier to unload the storage before delivery

Hoopman Machines develops and produces machines for i.a. the arable- and livestock farming sector and continues to innovate to help entrepreneurs optimize their business operations.

In addition to the haulm topper type UM 300 F (F = Front), Holaras is now introducing type UM 300 H (H = Heck). This haulm topper can be used at the rear of the tractor attached to the three-point hitch. This gives the advantage that lighter tractors can also be used. Four hydraulically adjustable wheels ensure better weight distribution and possible application for cultivation on ridges.


  • Equipped with four wheels, hydraulically adjustable
  • Option of automatic height adjustment possible
  • Wheels are also mechanically height adjustable for use in cultivation on ridges.
  • Solid driving mechanism through combination of gearboxes and V-belts.
  • Protruding parts on the sides can be folded for transport

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