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Hoopman Machines B.V.
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Holaras introduces the type M.E.S. 300-H-115 Maize Leveller

14 July 2020

Compact, light and manoeuvrable

Distributing and compacting the maize can be a delaying factor during harvest. The maize forage harvester (or “shredder train”) is developing rapidly, and the hourly capacity is increasing enormously.

Hoopman Machines develops and produces machines for applications in many fields, including the livestock and arable farming sector and the firm continues to work on innovations that help entrepreneurs optimize their business operations.

The Holaras Maize leveller is a must for efficient maize handling! The compact MES 300-H-115 model has now been added to Hoopman Machines’ MES range. The new leveller is compact, light and manoeuvrable, and has the advantage that you can also use lighter tractors.


Advantages of the MES 300-H-115:

  • Compact
  • light
  • Manoeuvrable
  • Slotted holes for better visibility
  • Wear-resistant lift/top link plates
  • Reversible cutting-edge, so that you can use it twice

Extra options:

  • Protective rollers
  • Anti-impact cutting edges
  • Weights
  • LED-lighting
  • Front position lamp  

Machine weight 460 kg

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