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Holaras is increasing the pressure to ensure top quality silage!

27 March 2020

A Holaras Silagepacker applies seven times more compaction than a tractor or digger!

Optimal silage compaction is essential for proper storage of grass and maize silage. Making good silage is not only important for its palatability, but also for optimal use of roughage feed. In recent years, increasingly high requirements are being made on ensiling, and the silage-making process has improved considerably. The key factor is distribution and compaction over the entire pit.

Top Silage – Complete Package
Holaras delivers a complete package for making top quality silage! In addition to the Silage Spreader, Maize Leveller and the Grass/Silage Fork, Holaras also supplies the Stego Silagepacker for optimum compaction.

Stego Silagepacker
An average tractor or digger applies compaction pressure of about 0.8 kg per cm². This Holaras silage roller applies seven times more pressure per cm² than a tractor or digger!

Calculation example
Higher compaction achieved by the Holaras Silagepacker:

  • Stego 285 with 12 roller rings (1.5 cm wide)
  • length of applied pressure per ring = 30 cm
  • Stego 285, total surface area under pressure = 540 cm² (1.5 cm x 30 cm x 12 rings)
  • Total roller weight (incl. Weights and filling) approx. 3,000 kg
  • Pressure per cm² = 5.55 kg/cm² (3,000 kg ÷ 540 cm²)

The roller is available in working widths of 200, 285, 400 or 485 cm and offers variable weight setting. This can be achieved by filling the roller with water or sand. The machine can be expanded with various options such as extra ballast weights, side-shift adjustment and electro/hydraulic operation.

Holaras Silagepacker Technical specifications:

  • Roller rings only 15 mm wide
  • Roller rings are rounded as standard (less cutting/sticking)
  • Rounded rings provide even pressure
  • Heavy-duty bearings on the roller
  • Fillable with water/molasses/sand, etc. (filling hole approx. Ø 7.5 cm)
  • Fully produced and painted in our own factory (A 100% Dutch product)
  • Prepared for side-shift/edge compactor (type 200 + 285)
  • Prepared for weights

Edge compactor
During the ensiling process, the edges in particular are sometimes insufficiently compacted. And the first losses often occur there. The Holaras edge compactor ensures optimal edge compaction. Stego compaction rollers can be supplied with an edge compactor on 1 or 2 sides. The edge compactor offers the possibility to achieve this added value in one run without additional effort. The edge compactor is a tried and tested accessory that effectively compacts the sides and edges of both grass and maize pits.

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