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More innovative, safer and more efficient: the Holaras onion topper AS-15 and AS-25

6 April 2021

Hoopman Machines is pleased to introduce two overhauled Holaras onion topping machines – the AS-15 and AS-25 blade toppers. Specially designed for efficient and damage-free topping of onions and flower bulbs. Unique to this refreshed line are the new vibration technology, ergonomic operation thanks to the addition of a large roof hatch, more lightweight screens and the ability to quickly replace the robust screens and blades (short start-up time).

Holaras onion topping machine AS-15

More efficient transport of onions thanks to improved airflow

The unique position of the vibrating motors ensures unimpeded circulation of air and prevents accumulation of clippings. Additionally, this new position makes it easy to adjust vibration intensity. Completely new are the Rosta vibrating elements, which ensure no loss of energy, thus helping to increase capacity. In addition, the service life of these vibrating elements is many times longer than current technologies.

As the main frame is now fully enclosed, less dirt is blown to the outside.

The discharge belt, which is now fitted with carrier wheels by default, ensures reliable removal of the clippings. In addition, an ‘airlock’ helps to ensure that the clippings settle, preventing them from blowing away.

The renewed straight blades ensure better discharge of unwanted material, thus preventing damage to the motor shaft. The modified shape of the blade wing creates a larger vacuum, which allows the foliage to be cut off earlier and the onion to pass through the machine at a faster rate.

Inside of Holaras onion topping machine (vibrating screen and blades)

Safety first

Improved external shielding on the machine helps to minimise dust, plus the rubber shielding also has food safe certification. When pieces of rubber start to crumble, they are detectable by systems in the food processing industry.

The new blade wings and vibration technology make the machine much quieter than its predecessor model, thus helping to reduce noise pollution.

Unique is the quick change system for the screen and the blades. These can be changed from the side by opening the large roof hatch. Additionally, the screens are lighter and interchangeable at any position, as are the blades.

The complete mechanical safety lock works using a key-operated safety system, which ensures that the machine can only be started if the key is inserted into the operator panel and the roof hatch is closed.

Top of Holaras onion topping machine (roof hatch and safety lock)

‘A simple and robust machine on which ease of use, capacity and safety have been greatly improved,’

explains Bas Heebink, Holaras Engineer.

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