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Press release new oscillating sweeper

24 September 2019

Holaras has expanded its extensive range of sweepers with a small sweeper.
The new oscillating sweeper can operate in all directions adjusted (mechanically) to an angle of 20 degrees. The sweeper closely follows the ground contours for optimal results thanks to two hinged, vertical stabilisation bars. This allows sloping edges, slopes, concave and convex road surfaces, areas close to loading and unloading bays etc. to be swept. Unique solution for waste recycling facilities.
The machine is attached by an adapter plate to trail behind a loader, with mechanical or hydraulic tilt adjustment. As an option, the machine can be equipped with a hydraulically foldable collection bin.

Technical specifications:
Working width : 220 or 270 cm
Brush diameter : 60 cm
Brushes : 52 (poly zig-zag brushes)
Hydraulic drive : Oil min. 50 litres/180 bar
Stabilisation : 2 vertical oscillating bars
Adjustment : Mechanical (standard) / hydraulic (option)