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Press release new sweeper for mobile cranes

24 September 2019

The range of sweepers offered by Holoras has been expanded further by the addition of a new sweeper for (mobile) cranes. A simple construction allows this narrow sweeper to be easily attached to a mobile crane using a tiltrotator.

Its compact, robust design makes this machine the ideal solution for all sweeping and cleaning in sectors such as infrastructure, paving and landscaping. This versatile machine is easily manoeuvrable allowing vertical and horizontal use at all angles and in all positions. Sloping verges can be swept from street level, and the machine can also sweep and clean permanent sound barriers and walls, facades and solar panels. Other obstacles such as bollards, curb blocks, speed bumps, road gutters etc. can be cleaned with a hard or soft brush.

The advantages summarised:
• Highly manoeuvrable using a tiltrotator
• Poly zig-zag brush rings, 80 cm with maximum load on the ground surface
• Working width 150 cm, in horizontal, vertical and tilted position
• Galvanised model, also suitable for winter use
• Sweeps behind hedges, trees, crash barriers, planted borders, narrow (difficult to access) cycle paths etc.
• Sweeps road gutters, parking bays, bus shelters and covered waiting areas
• Can turn 360 degrees around poles, trees and other raised obstacles
• Attaches to every crane or telehandler

Technical specifications:
Working width : 150 cm
Brush diameter : 80 cm (poly zig-zag brushes)
Hydraulic drive : Oil 50 litres/180 bar
Adjustment : 360 degrees