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Beet cleaner/cutter BRS 1250

A whopping five tasks in one run!

Given the increasing acreage of fodder beet*, more and more dairy farmers are discovering or rediscovering its excellence as a forage crop. Fodder beet is a high yielding crop, which is tasty, ensures good rumen fermentation and produces a higher milk fat content. Cleaning and cutting fodder beet contributes to its palatability and ensures better intake by the cows.

Hoopman Machines develops and produces machines for applications in many fields, including the livestock and arable farming sector and the firm continues to work on innovations that help entrepreneurs optimize their business operations.

Holaras is now introducing the BRS 1250 beet cleaner/cutter, the ideal solution for ensiling clean and cut beets with maize or for feeding them fresh daily. In addition to that, this beet cleaner/cutter is also highly suitable for filling a biogas installation with clean, finely chopped beet to speed up the fermentation process.

Bietenreiniger BRS 1250

The collection tray under the machine will keep your yard and shed clean. The specially developed cutting blade on the side ensures that the beets are cut properly, which makes the machine also ideal for feeding beet at the feed fence. The advantage of cutting lies in the fact that the maximum possible beet structure is retained, while it requires little power.

It is possible to handle the following processes with beets in one run:

  1. loading
  2. transporting
  3. cleaning
  4. cutting and
  5. dosing

These particularly solid and robustly built beet cleaner/cutters are suitable for the three-point linkage of a tractor, or a digger bucket or front loader attachment.

Technical specifications:

  • capacity: 1,5 m³
  • empty container weight; 1050kg
  • bar spacing (feed-through): 25mm


  • Hydraulic release valve (+ 1x double-acting valve)
  • Different types of beet blades
  • Potato blade