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Beet Cutter – BB

Holaras BB-1250 and BB-2500 beet cutters are the ideal solution for biogas plants to fill the installation with chopped beets. The specially developed cuttingdrum with knives at the bottom, ensures that the beets will be chopped and distributed in the right way.

This extremely solid and robust built beetcutters are suitable for the three point of the tractor, wheelloader or front loader coupling. In one operation it is possible to load, transport, cutting and dispensing the beets in a biogas installation or across the pit.


Loading, transporting, cutting and dispensing beets. Four operations in one pass!

Technical specifications

Type BB-1250-H BB-2500-H
Drive Hydromotor Hydromotor
Width 225 cm  275 cm
Height 105 cm 125 cm
Weight 850 1450
Volume ca. 2,0 m³ ca. 3,5 m³
Lift capacity ca. 2500 kg ca. 4000 kg
Knives on cuttingdrum 5 5
Extra cutting device Standard Standard
Options Threepoint attachment Threepoint attachment

Technical data are indicative only. We reserve the right to make changes at all times and without advance notification.