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Beetcleaner BR 2000-H

More and more dairy farmers are feeding fodder beets fresh or ensile them with maize. Fodder beet is a high yielding crop, which is tasty, ensures good rumen fermentation and produces a higher milk fat content. Cleaning and cutting fodder beet contributes to its palatability and ensures better intake by the cows.

How thoroughly the beets need to be cleaned depends on the purpose of whether they are fed fresh or ensiled with maize. With fresh feeding, defoliation and light cleaning is sufficient so damage can be prevented. When the beets are ensiled, they need to be cleaned better and if necessary to be cut. Ground tare on beets should be avoided as much as possible in both fresh feeding and silage, because it reduces the energy value of the beets.

Hoopman Machines develops and produces machines for applications in many fields, including the livestock and arable farming sector and the firm continues to work on innovations that help entrepreneurs optimize their business operations.

The Holaras beetcleaner BR 2000-H is perfect for optimal cleaning of fodder beets. The bucket has a slatted belt inside that is driven by a hydromotor. The coarseness of the belt can be adjusted according to the degree of tare. E.g. when grown on clay soil, the beets need coarser cleaning before they can be fed. By adjusting the center distance of the bars, the cleaner can also be used for other crops, such as potatoes and chicory roots.

After scooping the beets, the container can tilt slightly and the beets will roll inside the container. The cleaning area is 2 square meters.

– content 2 m3
– large sieving capacity
– mounting plate (screwable) available on request