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Ration feeders – VDC

Back in 1977 Holaras was the first manufacturer in the Netherlands to develop and market ration feeders. Since then a steadily growing number of cattle and dairy farmers have found these machines an invaluable help in the mechanical handling of various types of feed.

The machine can be used for cutting and feeding clamped silage, maize, wet brewer’s grain, pulp, potato fibres, beetroots and concentrates. Additional and patented equipment can be fitted for fine chopped grass silage in lengths of 4 or 5 cm.

The standard Holaras ration feeder is three point linkage mounted, but the feeder can be mounted on a shovel, telescopic loader or forklift truck as well. 



  • Type universal (fitted for fine chopped grass silage in lengths of 4 or 5 cm.)
  • Cutting device for beetroots, carrots, patato fibres
  • Duplex chain and chainwheel for the 900 types
  • Manganese steel tines
  • Miller cutter
  • Weighing system
  • Elektro-/hydraulic control
  • Support wheels
  • Heavy bottomplate
  • Chainbox cover


Technical specifications

VDC 900
VDC 1200
3-pnt / wheel loader
3-pnt / wheel loader
App. 600 kg
Ca 650 kg
PTO or Hydr.
PTO or Hydr.
App. 205 cm
App. 250 cm
App. 1.4 m³
App. 1.8 m³
R or L / R and L
R or L / R and L

Technical data are indicative only. We reserve the right to make changes at all times and without advance notification.