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Sawdust bedding bucket- SDC


The Holaras sawdust bedding bucket are primarily developed for poultry companies that use sawdust as a matting. Using the bedding containers, the sawdust is simply shovelled up, transported and distributed in the stall evenly and free of dust. The machine lays a kind of ‘sawdust bedding’ with adjustable thickness.The Holaras sawdust bedding bucket is also particularly suited for use in horticultural greenhouses.

It is also possible to attach a tractor, shovel or telescopic handler to the three-point of a tractor or front loader. Special configurations can be supplied on request.


Technical specifications

SDC 2250
SDC 3000
On request
On request
Bottom drive
Bottom drive
Spreading width
225 cm.
250 cm.
Total width
245 cm.
275 cm.
Ca. 2000 ltr
Ca. 2500 ltr
Weight App.
900 Kg.
1200 Kg.


Technical data are indicative only. We reserve the right to make changes at all times and without advance notification.