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Yard scraper – RS

The Yard Scraper RS is designed for pushing fodder, slurry, grain or snow on plain grounds.
  • Kroko Powergrab or forklift coupling
  • Galvanized frame
  • Rubber reinforced with steel-wire
  • Working width 260 or approx. 300 cm
  • Threepoint attach (Option)

 Technical specifications

Type RS 260-K RS 300-K
Coupling Powergrab or forklift Powergrab or forklift
Dimensions (lxwxh) 260 x 78,5 x 40 cm 300 x 78,5 x 40 cm
Working width 260 cm 300 cm
Rubber dimensions (lxwxh) 280 x 3,5 x 40 cm 320 x 3,5 x 40 cm
Rubber weight Ca. 65 kg Ca. 70 kg
Weight total Ca. 150 kg Ca. 175 kg

Technical data are indicative only. We reserve the right to make changes at all times and without advance notification.