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Haulmtopper – UM

The Holaras haulm topper series is available in 3 models: UM 150, UM 180 and UM 210.

Mechanical removal of haulms saves labour when topping and harvesting onions. Topping and harvesting in one pass has proven to be the most efficient approach. The stable and sturdy model UM 150 is suitable for 3-point linkage.

All Holaras onion haulm toppers have two wheels. Ground contacts and sensors ensure automatic (electro-hydraulic) height adjustment, ranging from maximum (coarse) to minimum (fine). The three blade rotors are PTO-driven using a robust gearbox and V-belts.


Technical specifications

Type UM 150-F UM 180-F UM 210-F UM 240-F UM 300-F
Coupling Front Front Front Front Front
Working width app. 150 cm 180 cm 210 cm 247cm 300 cm
Weight app. 950 kg. 1000 kg. 1045 kg. 1600 kg. 1600 kg.
Length 160 cm 200 cm 230 cm  250 cm 200 cm
Adjustable machine height 125/165 cm 125/165 cm 125/165 cm 125/165 cm 125/165 cm
Adjustable wheel height 2x(6×9) 2x(6×9) 2x(6×9) 2x(6×9) 2x(6×9)
Nr. of blade-rotors 3 3 3 3 3
Nr. of blades 6 6 6 8 8
Electro. installation 12 V 12 V 12 V 12 V 12 V

Technical data are indicative only. We reserve the right to make changes at all times and without advance notification.