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Maize leveller – MES

With the hydraulically operated Holaras maize leveller type M.E.S., the maize supplied by the tippers can be efficiently distributed in a few minutes. The machines is also excellently suited to slotted silos.

The machine is suited to attachment to the three-point of a tractor or for attachment on a shovel.

The Holaras maize leveller has a maximum working width of 570 cm. Because both edges of the machine are hydraulically extendable, this machine has a transport width of 300 cm.

  • Robust and heavy built
  • Working width up to 570 cm
  • Three-point, front or wheelloader attachments
  • Height  115 or 135 cm
  • Left and right hydraulic extendable

The compact MES 300-H-115 model has now been added to Hoopman Machines’ MES range. The new leveller is compact, light and manoeuvrable, and has the advantage that you can also use lighter tractors.

Technical specifications

Type M.E.S. 300-H-125 570-H-115 570-H-135 470-H-115-F 430-H-115-FK 530-H-135-FK
Coupling 3-point 3-point 3-point Front / Shovel Front Front
Working width 300 cm 570 cm 570 cm 470 cm 430 cm 530 cm
Height 125 cm 115 cm 135 cm 115 cm 115 cm 135 cm
Transport width 300 cm 300 cm 300 cm 300 cm 260 cm 260 cm
Weight  460 kg 1600 kg 1750 kg 1400 kg 1350 kg 1450 kg
Addl. weights option option option
E/H control option option option option option
Wheelloader option option option option
Adjustable Sideboards left + right extendable Sideboards front extendable
Hydr connection 2 DW  (or electro/hydraulic)
Hydr cap.  approx. 40 liter – 180 bar

Technical data are indicative only. We reserve the right to make changes at all times and without advance notification.