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Silage fork – Profi

The Holaras silage fork model Profi 260 is designed according to the wishes of the modern cattle farmer. The pre-dried grass, supplied by a loader wagon or silage wagon, is evt. gradually pushed by the hydraulically operated pusher grille of the silage fork onto the silage bunker. In this way the silage is regularly lifted and moved at the same time.

The Holaras silage fork can be mounted on the three-point of a tractor. Furthermore, a hydraulic upper grab can be mounted on the Holaras silage fork, which ensures that nothing falls off the fork during the transport of especially long material.


Technical specifications

Type PROFI 260
Width 260 cm
Height 126 cm
Number of prongs 12
Prong length 160 cm
Prong diameter Ø 35 mm
Weight (approx) 450 kg
Pusher grill Hydraulic adjustable
Hydr. grab Option

Technical data are indicative only. We reserve the right to make changes at all times and without advance notification.